With her joyful, energetic and nature-loving spirit Ruby has a passion for life and a determination to enjoy it at its fullest and deepest! Growing up with Ananda and participating in many youth programs, Scout Camps and Family Weeks she is now continuing to ‘Live with Spirit’ in her adult life! For four years now, she has dedicated herself to living a full-on yogic lifestyle at Ananda Assisi.

Organizing and facilitating youth programs is part of her life since… forever!, as back home in Germany she led youth activities in her sports club, in her school, at university … She simply loves to help people express their higher Self and find happiness within!

After studying Nutrition Science and Sustainability and traveling the world (New Zealand, India and throughout Europe) she became enchanted by Yogananda’s lifestyle of ‘Simple Living and High Thinking’ and finally arrived at her true home in Ananda Assisi. Now she is training to be an Ananda Yoga Teacher and has been facilitating Ananda’s Youth programs since 2014, because the joy of sharing what you love to do is just too great!

Ruby’s motto?
Live each present momentcompletely and the future will take care of itself.

Ruby’s Yoga Asana?
Trikonasana, triangle pose: “Energy and joy now flood my body cells, joy descends on me.”



Rachel is a high-energy, visionary and magnetic leader with extensive experience in directing youth programs, creating community, and developing and manifesting creative projects of all kinds. She envisioned and co-founded Ananda’s Living with Spirit summer program in Northern California that has run continuously since 2008.

She was the Assistant Program Director at the educational nonprofit Polestar Gardens on the Big Island of Hawaii where she also organized and co-led their youth program, Adventures in Spirit for two years. In 2013 she facilitated the very first Living with Spirit program in Europe. Rachel now works for an American Active Travel company, touring Italy and Hawaii, and learning how to best work with people.

She spends her free time adventuring in nature, cycling, hiking, climbing, doing yoga, and loves working with passionate, inspired people of all ages and walks of life..


Giulia is a dreamer who likes to make her dreams come true. She enjoys setting high goals for herself and then aspiring to reach up and realise them. Giulia loves Nature, where she finds the inspiration and courage to go with the flow of life.

After studying architecture she arrived at Ananda’s doorstep one day, only to find herself at her true home. Ananda Yoga and meditation soon became her addiction because of their powerful and transforming every-day effects.

Right now, Giulia is studying Ananda Yoga and Shiatsu, sharing with others her path and passions. She is giving yoga lessons, works as a member of the management team at a holistic center, offers shiatsu treatments and organizes activities for young people such as Living with Spirit , kirtans and other exciting and engaging events. She just loves to share her enthusiasm and create new opportunities!

Giulia’s life motto?
Yes to life! I embrace every new opportunity for further growth.

Giulia’s Yoga Asana:
Chakrasana : “I’m awake, energetic and enthusiastic!”

Living with Spirit 
“Be the Change”

DAL 29/07/2018 AL 05/08/2018

Join us for a journey of true Self-discovery and find out how to ‘be the change you wish to see in the world’ (Mahatma Gandhi).

Living with Spirit

DAL 31/10/2018 AL 04/11/2018

Ready to let go of old habits, old faces? Ready to transform your shadow into the light?


Living with Spirit
New Year’s Eve

DAL 29/01/2018 AL 01/01/2019

Looking for a more meaningful way to spend New Year’s Eve and to understand how to live 2019 more consciously, more freely, more YOU?!