Do you want your life to be more dynamic, full of meaning, joy and true love? Perhaps you crave more freedom, greater clarity; or simply to live your life 100% authentically?

Now is the time!

If you are between 18 and 29 years old and are looking for something“more“ in life, join us on this extraordinary and transforming adventure in a very magical place – together with fellow truth-seekers from around the world!

Welcome Great Souls!

Living with Spirit is a program for young adults who want to live in greater connection with each other, themselves, and all of life.

Join us and other spiritually on-fire youths who are ready for the adventure of true Self-discovery. We want to explore the full depth of our true potential through the ancient teachings of yoga to live a 100% fully alive, vibrant existence.

A new lifestyle

Living with Spirit is a lifestyle that unites body mind and soul. Our daily practices include: yoga, meditation, enjoy time in nature, outdoor adventure, meaningful service, guided group sharing circles, and heart-opening music. We create and share a deep and joyful experience that embraces life at 360 and flows with its infinite possibilities!

Living with Spirit – the whole year round

Growing and expressing ourselves with the rhythms of nature:

Summer: Enjoy life to the fullest and empower your soul!
Fall: Go within and purify yourself!
Winter: Be grateful for the old and embrace the new!
Spring: Wake up and be reborn to live evermore freely!

“You must not let your life run in the ordinary way;
do something that nobody else has done,
something that will dazzle the world.”

Paramhansa Yogananda


Who are we?  The facilitators of  Living with Spirit 2018, get to know us a bit:


Living with Spirit – Summercamp

FROM 16/08/2019 TO 25/08/2019


Join us for a journey of true Self-discovery and find out how to ‘be the change you wish to see in the world’ (Mahatma Gandhi). The time is now! We want to explore our true potential—working on the three levels of body, mind, and spirit – to live a 100% fully alive, vibrant existence.

Intro to Living with Spirit

FROM 11/10/2019 TO 13/10/2019 and
FROM 29/11/2019 TO 01/12/2019


Did you think yoga is practised only on a mat? Well come and explore with us what true yoga is! Living with Spirit means living life to the fullest, 100% present and dynamic: the perfect blend of profound depth and joyous fun!




En-Joy Together

Camping together creates a magical and magnetic feeling of connection; both with each other and with nature. Inevitably, we form a little tribe; at the end of our experience together it’s as though we have a new, extended family! Waking up to morning dew and a blazing sunrise, going to bed with a mesmerizing campfire, under the starry sky— to us it’s the best way to enjoy summer!